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I am NOT paid for any reviews on this site. All opinions are my own- I strive to be as unbiased as possible.

Friend of mine? Ask me for a discount (possibly for free! probably for free, in fact). 😉

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Want your book to reach more readers?

Check out Stellae Books! Stellae Books is a website with the same idea of NetGalley, but for indie books. Indie authors get to put their book(s) on the site for an affordable fee, and readers can requests one book at a time to read and review.


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Want a couple of designed graphics for your blog?

I would love to design a couple of graphics for you! I do ask is that you send me a review of my services if you decide to use them. 🙂

This service will be offered for FREE from October to the end of this year (2018). Please note that I do reserve the right to stop offering this service at any time without explanation.

  • Featured images for blog posts: I’d first have to see what style you’d like and see if I’m able to design that; then we can talk about how many I’ll make for you.
  • Text dividers (like the one below): As mentioned earlier, I’d first have to see what style you’d like and see if I’m able to design that.

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Want more reviewers for your book?

I can find reviewers for your book for $2 per person I find. The price is negotiable.

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Want a copy edit of your book or manuscript?

I’m also doing copy edits of books or manuscripts under 100K words right now. I am NOT a professional or freelance editor, hence the lack of money involved. Just trying to gather some experience here. 😉 If you’d like to know what I will edit and won’t, check the bullet points down below in the review section (everything there applies to my editing service as well).

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Want me to review your book?

Please note: Right now I am only accepting paperback or hardcover copies. If you can’t afford to send me one, please wait until mid October, and I will consider accepting a PDF. (9/12/18)

Review policy: If I accept your review request, I will read the book and post an honest 100-word review on my blog (this review will be paired with another book review in one post, and if you send me two books to review, they’ll go together as well) and Goodreads (Amazon in the future), in return for a free copy of your book, which you will provide. I prefer having a physical copy, and if not, PDF. If I read the book and cannot honestly post a review of 3.5 stars or above, I will ask you if you would still like me to review it or not.

    • As always, I reserve the right to decline reviewing your book due to lack of interest, time, or any other reason without explanation.
    • I will typically post a review within 2-3 months of receiving the copy.
    • I enjoy Christian contemporary and dystopian, clean fantasy and romance, and light magic (I’m okay with books like Harry Potter). I will consider non-fiction books, but most likely turn them down. I do read non-Christian books, but nothing that portrays sin in a good light.
    • I do not read erotica, paranormal, horror, dark magic, poetry, or any type of book that portrays sin in a good light.
  • MY REVIEW OF YOUR WORK WILL OFTEN BE POSTED ALONG WITH ANOTHER REVIEW OF A BOOK. For example: If I have two reviews I need to get out by the day after tomorrow, and tomorrow’s my posting day, then I’ll put the two reviews together into one post. If I only have one review, then I’ll post that one by itself.

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My ratings:

(I’m not adding 2 stars and 1 star because I wouldn’t post a review with those ratings)

  • 5 stars: Amazing. Fantastic.
  • 4.5 stars: A fantastic book with one or two things that were iffy/questionable.
  • 4 stars: A great book with a few things I didn’t like.
  • 3.5 stars: A fun read with okay writing.
  • 3 stars: Ehhh. Not the best. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

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There ya go. 🙂 Thank you so much for considering me as a reviewer! Again, I’m available for questions.