Hello, my friend! Welcome to my Services page! If you’re looking for something specific that is not covered on this page, shoot me an email and I might be able to help you! Otherwise, make yourself at home!

I do not require credit in any service except for blog / web design and proofreading (details down below). Included in your design will be a small graphic crediting me as the designer- that will go on the sidebar. If you like, it can also be made with regard to your palette and design. 


Before you scroll down: I’m a non-professional graphic / blog / web designer and a non-professional proofreader. Because of that, I may not be able to help you in everything you need. However, I will strive to do my best with the materials I have if you choose my services.

Graphic Design

I’d love to help you design graphics for your blog posts! I’ve only designed graphics for blog posts before, but I’d love to try to design something else (blog tour graphics, Pinterest graphics, etc.- contact me and I’ll design a sample free graphic for you. If you like it, we’ll continue the process!). I charge $4 for 10 graphics.

Web / Blog Design

Please visit this link. I also offer free web / blog consulting.

Visit a Review Site I Started!

Check out Stellae Books! Stellae Books is a website with the same idea of NetGalley, but for indie books. Indie authors get to put their book(s) on the site for an affordable fee, and readers can request one book at a time to read and review.


Finding Reviewers For Your Book

I can find reviewers for your book for $2 per person I find. The price is negotiable.

Proofreading Your Book

What makes me qualified to offer this service? I’ve beta-read many, many books. I’ve also alpha-read a couple of books. And of course, as you know, I’ve reviewed a large amount of books. So, I’d love to proofread your book! I charge $0.50 for every thousand words (50K words = $25.oo; rounded up to the next thousand). If you choose me as your proofreader, please credit me in your acknowledgements section.

(proofread: I’ll go over your book one final time to make sure your book has no typos, misuse of words, etc. I will not give you advice on the plot and storyline unless there is an obvious inconsistency.)

Reviewing Your Book

Please note: Right now I am only accepting paperback or hardcover copies. If you can’t afford to send me one, please wait until mid December, and I will consider accepting a MOBI copy. (9/12/18)

Review policy: If I accept your review request, I will read the book and post an honest 100-word review on my blog OR my other review blog in return for a free copy of your book, which you will provide. I prefer having a physical copy, and if not, MOBI. If I read the book and cannot honestly post a review of 3.5 stars or above, I will ask you if you would still like me to review it or not.

    • As always, I reserve the right to decline reviewing your book due to lack of interest, time, or any other reason without explanation.
    • I will typically post a review within 2-3 months of receiving the copy.
    • I enjoy Christian contemporary and dystopian, clean fantasy and romance, and light magic (I’m okay with books like Harry Potter). I will occasionally accept poetry. I do read non-Christian books, but nothing that portrays sin in a good light.
    • I do not read erotica, paranormal, horror, thriller, dark magic, nonfiction, or any type of book that portrays sin in a good light.

There ya go. 🙂 Thank you so much for considering me as a reviewer! Again, I’m available for questions.