The Dressmaker’s Secret | Review + exciting announcement!

*coughs* I know, I know, I meant to get the exciting announcement post out on Sunday. Well... guess who forgot? (me, in case it wasn't blatantly obvious) Anyway.... it's down below, under the review. Don't skip reading the review though because The Dressmaker's Secret is an amazing!! book and I'm about to tell you why. 😉 The Dressmaker's Secret … Continue reading The Dressmaker’s Secret | Review + exciting announcement!


Martin Hospitality + Watcher Key | Review

Hello reader! Coming at you with two review posts- bear with me as I try to form my thoughts and coherently put them into sentences. 😀 (also, guys! eXCiTiNG announcement!! I've been working on a large project with my friend Maddy and it launched yesterday! I'm going to do another blog post in a couple … Continue reading Martin Hospitality + Watcher Key | Review

Twinepathy + Lightporter | Review

Twinepathy: Synopsis (taken from Goodreads): Twinepathy (twin-eh-pa-thy) a telepathic connection between twins, both figuratively and literally Albany York has a secret. Albany and her twin sister, Brooklyn, have spent years successfully hiding their telepathic connection. But when a girl falls unconscious at their doorstep, the girls learn that they might not be the only people … Continue reading Twinepathy + Lightporter | Review