The 20-Question Book Tag

helloooooooooooo my dear and lovely friends!! Today I'm doing a book tag (again). Jenna just posted this on her blog--as in today--and she tagged me. She was my accountability partner for NaNo (I don't write, so I participated in a do-a-large-crochet-project-in-a-month, and epicly failed. I'm also not going to tell you the name of that … Continue reading The 20-Question Book Tag


The Ultimate Bookish Tag

Eeep, I'm so excited for this! Tags are probably my favorite posts to write, and they seem to be your favorites too! 😀 I saw this tag on another blog, so I decided to steal kindly tiptoe it away to my blog (and also make up my own rules for it).real smart, I know.Rules:Credit the creator … Continue reading The Ultimate Bookish Tag

The Dressmaker’s Secret | Review + exciting announcement!

*coughs* I know, I know, I meant to get the exciting announcement post out on Sunday. Well... guess who forgot? (me, in case it wasn't blatantly obvious) Anyway.... it's down below, under the review. Don't skip reading the review though because The Dressmaker's Secret is an amazing!! book and I'm about to tell you why. 😉 The Dressmaker's Secret … Continue reading The Dressmaker’s Secret | Review + exciting announcement!