Blog Design

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Blog designing can have a huge learning curve if you don’t have much experience with it. I know when I started off with blogging, I struggled a lot in finding the best software to make my blog look the best it can. I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed with all the options out there, so I’m willing to design your blog for you- or, if you want to do it yourself, I’d love to be there for you and answer questions you might have!



I don’t have the best design equipment- nor am I the best designer out there, so there’s a good chance that I might not be able to design your blog. However, if you like the look of my blog and would like to go for that look, I’d love to help you!

I can design WordPress and Weebly blogs. I’m willing to try designing Blogger / Blogspot blogs, though.

Is it free? Short answer: yes. Long answer: I don’t require any payment. However, if you would like to pay me any amount of money (you choose), I would welcome that. If you don’t, I totally understand. Not all of us have $20 to dish out. 😛

I’m also willing to design blog post featured graphics for you. I’ll charge $7 for 10 graphics (bulk: $15 for 30 graphics – more than 25% off!), but I’m willing to make the price lower based on the simplicity of the graphics.



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