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Hey there! If you’d like to recruit my blog design services, fill in the form! Please only fill the form out if you intend on following through and working with me through the design process; otherwise, if you’re just interested / have a question, please use the Contact Form. More details and my portfolio are down below.

If you have a question that isn’t covered here, shoot me an email!

When do you need to have the design finished by? Enter N/A if you aren’t in a rush.

Thank you so much!

Here are some graphics that I’ve designed. I also designed all the graphics found on my blog.

Blog Buttons / Logos / Headers

Lilian is a joy to work with, interactive and fast. Satisfaction guaranteed! – Merie from Imperial Scribis

This beauty was made by Lilian @greenteawithbooks and she’s AMAZING. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone if they’re looking to redo their blog. She’s professional but also friendly and treats you like an equal. Thanks again, Lilian! – Adi from One In a Million

My button was designed by the lovely Lilian @ green tea with books. Her designs are sooo gorgeous and I fell in love with the art styles. She’s super quick with her designs, and they end up perfectly capturing the essence of my blog. – Vaishnavi from Written in Stars

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