Summer Reads and Recommendations | a collaboration with Wild Pennings

Hello friends! I have an exciting post for you all today–I’m collaborating with Nicole from Wild Pennings! I’ve known about Nicole’s blog for almost a year, so I was so excited when she asked. 😀

Wild Pennings
check out her blog here!! click the image. 🙂

With the school year finishing up, summer (AND MORE FREE TIME) is on its way to us, and I couldn’t be more excited about that! I personally love to spend my free time reading, so I’m going to have Nicole share three of her anticipated summer reads and three book recommendations, and I’ll throw my reads and recs on her blog. Remember to check her post out (link below) once you finish reading this one! 😀

Take it away, Nicole!

Hello, readers! I’m so excited to be collaborating with Lilian as we bring you some book recommendations for your TBR and share some of our anticipated reads for this summer.

all fall down by ally condie


I talk incessantly about Ally Carter’s books, and that’s not stopping anytime soon. XD All Fall Down has so many genre aspects to it (which I love): spy thriller, high stakes, politics, romance, psychology, and that classic high school drama. The story follows Grace on her obsessive quest to find her mother’s killer. The plot is slightly dark and very twisty; it’ll have you second-guessing everything until the incredible conclusion (at the end of the TRILOGY, of course). Grace herself is actually pretty irritating, but the other characters are precious (especially Noah <3). If you like thriller, I would definitely recommend this books series as one of those late-night summer adventures!

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see you in the cosmos by jack cheng


See You in the Cosmos is beautiful, raw, and heartbreaking. It follows the story of an eleven-year-old boy named Alex who really wants to send his golden iPod into space for the aliens to learn about earth. So he journeys to New Mexico for the annual rocket festival—all by himself. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding Alex’s identity, but as he meets other characters, questions get answered. I really loved Alex as a character because he was so innocent and hopeful. It was beautiful to read his thoughts, but heartbreaking to know the reality of his situation. I also loved watching the other characters evolve as they help Alex. This book is middle-grade, but I would definitely recommend it to any YA readers too!

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matched by ally condie


I’ve always had a hard time enjoying dystopian fiction because it’s all so similar, but something about Matched caught my attention and held on to it. The romance theme is embedded in a bigger plot riddled with questions. I love how Cassia, the protagonist, starts out as a satisfied citizen, but as events unfold in the society she begins to ask questions. The plot that follows is intense and mind-bending. I also love that she’s not a “chosen one” or select hero, she’s just an ordinary human. I personally did not enjoy the second book much and I never got to the third book, but the first one was amazing and a must-read for summer time. (Plus there’s like a bazillion pretty dresses and that’s definitely worth bonus points!!)

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ordinary girls by blair thornburgh


Jane Austen plots? College plans? Sister relationships? I’ll take it. This contemporary seems to have so many little intricacies, plus the cover is gorgeous. I can’t wait for it to come out in June!

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100 days of sunlight by abbie emmons


So Abbie JUST released her announcement like a week and a half ago, but I’m pretty interested in the dynamic of the story and how it deals with mental health. I haven’t read many indie published books before, so this is going to be new and exciting for me. Plus the cover is just gorgeous! *insert heart eyes*

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love and gelato by jenna evans welch


I know this is definitely not coming out this summer, but I am pretty excited to have it on my summer TBR! I’ve seen so many reviews about this book and I’m intrigued to start this summery novel. 😀

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And that’s going to be it for this collaboration! Make sure to go check out my three summer reads and recs over on Wild Pennings. I hope you enjoyed this collaboration, and have a lovely day! ❤

Have you read any of these books? Will you add them to your TBR? And make sure to go check out my part of the collaboration!

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