10 Of My Favorite Blogs

Well hello there. I unintentionally took a break for two weeks, but I doubt any of you noticed. 😛 Anyway, I’m back at it again!

Today I’ll be sharing seven of my favorite blogs and three honorable mentions–whether they’re book-related or not. I hope you check them out!

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seven of my favorite blogs!


Bethany House Fiction! Their blog is one of my favorites (and the publishing house is one of my favorites too) because their publicist, Amy Green, is hilarious and she gets really creative with her posts. 😀 Their most recent post is Is It Hard Not to Over-Analyze Books?


Inspired by Life… and Fiction! Many authors (such as Lynn Austin, Becky Wade, Robin Lee Hatcher, Cara Putman, Dani Pettrey) take turns posting on this blog. I’d highly recommend following it for encouragement and inspiration! It also gives you a chance to get to know different authors. Their most recent post is A Truly Good Friday.


Go Teen Writers! A lot of people know of this site, but I thought I’d throw it out there in case you don’t. Like I’ve mentioned many times, I don’t really enjoy writing fiction, but I love reading their posts because I like studying the writing industry? if that makes sense? xD Go check it out–they have some amazing tips and advice for teen writers! Their most recent post is Working With an Editor at a Traditional Publishing House.


Chasing Grace! I’ve known of Melani’s blog for awhile, and I love the content she puts out! It ranges from controversial topics like abortion to lifestyle ideas and hacks. Her most recent post is 25 Cute College Dorm Room Ideas.


Purely Olivia! Girls, Olivia’s blog is so prettyyy and deserves all the love! She’s also a book blogger and I’ve learned about a lot of books from her! Her most recent post is The Pancake Book Tag… which I TOTALLY intend on stealing. 😉


Life Without a Latte! Let’s just appreciate how genius the name of the blog is.

Okay. This blog is owned by two of the lovely Willis sisters–Pearl and Anna (who also blogs on A Storynerd’s Life)! They’re both incredibly sweet and post some really interesting life hacks / advice. Their most recent post is We Upcycled Free Skirts.



Victoria Lynn! Victoria has a really sweet personality and I really enjoy her posts (she often does writing prompts, book reviews, and a lot more!). Her most recent post is Far Side of the Sea // Review.

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and now for the three honorable mentions!


Nadine Brandes! I’m linking to her YouTube channel because she doesn’t post much on her blog (having had the Halfling), but her YouTube videos are THE BEST and super hilarious and her personality is just the sweetest. So, not exactly a blog, haha, but WORTHY OF A MENTION FOR SURE. Go pop over there and subscribe! Her most recent video was Romanov is going to have TWO exclusive covers?!.



Abbiee! Pretty much everyone knows about Abbie Emmons, but I’m throwing her blog out for good measure! Abbie’s personality is so bubbly and energetic, and watching her videos (links here and here) & reading her posts always inspires and motivates me. She’s currently on hiatus on her blog, so her most recent video is How to Make Time for Writing.


Charis Rae

Charis Rae! I’ve known about Charis’ blog for quite a long time now, and I always look forward to her posts! Again, I feel like everyone knows about her which is why I listed her as an honorable mention. 😉 They’re super fun and definitely helpful for writers and readers alike. Her most recent post is 5 Things I Do When I Get A New Book Idea.

Annnnd that’s it for today’s post! Seriously, go check out these lovely ladies! I hope you found a couple of new people to follow, and I hope that you enjoyed this post! Until my next post, happy reading! ❤

If you’d like, comment some blogs that I should follow! I’m always and constantly on the search for new blogs to follow, so go ahead and list them!

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