Five Recent Book Favorites | Mini Book Reviews

Hi friends! Welcome back to the blog™. Today we’re going to be discussing five of my recent book favorites, and I’ll also include a mini review of them. 😀 Enjoy!

I squeal from excitement too much, by the way. *cough*

also, if you’re reading this post in the WP Reader, the flowery divider things will be incorrectly formatted. :/ There’s nothing I can do about it, but sorry about that!
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1) To Best The Boys by Mary Weber


guyyyyys. This book was probably the second most anticipated book for me of 2019, and an ARC copy just landed on my doorstep the other day. *squeals* I read it in pretty much one sitting and absolutely loved it. To Best The Boys is about a girl who enters a maze and competes against boys to receive a scholarship to the all-male Stemwick University–doesn’t that give you the Hunger Games vibes?

It certainly did for me, at least for the first one-third of the book (it’s even in present tense!). And then it kind of steered off into its own thing, which I loved! A+ for the gorgeous writing that is laced with sarcasm very similar to my own (seriously, people. when I say TBTB is right up my alley, it is. right up to the sarcasm). 😉 The characters were all so complex and unique–I think Rhen was my favorite for her determination and courage, but Seleni was a close contender because of how different she is to most YA girls. 5 stars. Full review here.


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2) Flight of the Raven by Morgan L. Busse



I love that:

  • Morgan’s books are paced. so. well. I wouldn’t call them action packed (which I love because when books are full of action I’m like “what??” at the end), but at the same time everything is so interesting and not boring in the least.
  • the character development!! Oh my woooorrrrd. This book has character arc-ing like nothing else I’ve seen. Certain characters are completely different from who they were at the beginning, and I’m rather loving how they turned out. 😉
  • the main characters!! Damien… wow. I love this guy (and he’s a complete fluffy bunny because he’s so Peeta-ish ahhh ❤ <3). As for Selene, I really related to her a lot more in this second book. In the first book, she’d basically an ice cube, but in FotR so much of her personality comes out and I love it.
  • One of my pet peeves in books is when characters are like:

Oh myyyyyy I have a deep dark secret but I can’t tell them because they won’t like me anymore! So I’ll not tell them until we’re nearly about to die because I didn’t tell them…

Anyway, I applaud Ms. Busse for not doing that in this book. IT DRIVES ME NUTSO. xP 5 stars.

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3) Starring Me by Krista McGee


Oh my goodness. I’ve been looking forward to reading this book since I read First Date a couple of months ago, and it lived up to my expectations and more.

Kara was definitely one of my favorite characters in that book, and I loved seeing her character in Starring Me and also seeing her lovely boisterous family. ❤ I also adore Krista McGee’s writing style so much–it’s so witty and hilarious but really meaningful too. Overall, a fantastic read and I’d highly recommend it to everyone! 5 stars.

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4) A Silken Thread by Kim Vogel Sawyer


This book was truly an inspiration to me. Oftentimes where I hear about a theme that an author was trying to pinpoint in their book, I’m like “…yes, I did see hints of that, but it didn’t inspire me to think more about it or do anything about it.” However, that was not the case for this book.

One of the main characters in this book is an African American named Quincy, and it was so enlightening and riveting to see what racism is like from an African American’s point of view. Definitely one of the most touching books I’ve read, and the writing style is also absolutely gorgeous. I’ll definitely be picking up more of Sawyer’s books soon. 5 stars.

(also, I was selected to be on the launch team for this book, and a nice ARC copy landed on my doorstep the other day! :D)

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5) Meeting Ryan by C.B. Cook

guys. After reading this short story (which you can find on C.B.’s blog), I was completely and utterly FLOORED. You’ll see what I mean. Go read it. 5 stars.

Also, I took the liberty to quickly whip up a mock cover for this short story (with C.B.’s permission) to make this post consistent in its formatting. xD So this is NOT the official cover.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is untitled-design9.png

And that about wraps it up! I had so much fun talking about my favorite books recently (even though the last one is a short story). I hope you enjoyed this post, and have a lovely day! ^-^

Have you read any of these books yet, or any of these authors? What are some of your bookish pet peeves?

20 thoughts on “Five Recent Book Favorites | Mini Book Reviews

    1. Thanks, Maggie! These books make me so happy. ❤ Aw, thank you so much! I'm glad you like the mock cover–maybe C.B. will decide to take it on as the real one. XD


  1. Great selection of favorites, Lilian!!! I love all the reasons and themes you shared for loving them. 🙂

    I’m really thinking about reading To Best the Boys now. It’s been a while since I read anything in that genre, and I think theme and development-wise I might really enjoy it. 🙂 We’ll see.

    And I’m so glad you enjoyed Starring Me! I read it for the first time last year I believe right after First Date and really fell in love with the author’s writing style and heart.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, dear! I’m glad you enjoyed this post. ❤

      ahhhhhhhh I hope you love it! Definitely let me know when you start it, though I suspect I'll see it on Goodreads anyway. xD I'm SO excited for you to read it!

      STARRING ME WAS SO GOOD. Kara's one of the most entertaining MCs I've ever read, and Addy and her make a good best friend duo. 😀


    1. THANK YOU. (if you really love it, you’re free to use it as the actual cover–just let me know and I’ll remove the mock cover part) I know it’s not quite accurate with the sea and everything, but I couldn’t find any photos that worked well with what I had in mind. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I could go into great detail about how I need to read TBTB, but I think I’ve done that before, multiple times. XD

    Great post, Lilian! I actually haven’t heard of many of these. I’ll have to add them to the TBR!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh I absolutely loved To Best The Boys too!! It was my first read by that author and ajfkdslad she is AMAZING (she’s also super sweet online too) and I loved how clever the plot was. 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. same though I’ve never read a book by Mary Weber! I first heard about her through Nadine Brandes and I’m so excited that I finally got to read one of her books. 


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