Quarterly Goals, pt. 1 | Jan. – March

Hello! As you might have noticed, I haven’t done my 2018 Wrapup Post™ yet. At this rate it’ll probably be in your hands by, ohh, um, 2030? Or never.

Anyway, that’s not the point. I’m going to tell you my reading + blogging-related goals for January to March, as well as some really generic life-ish goals. Hopefully I’ll remember to update you at the end of March. xD

Note: all of these goals are extremely vague / not set in stone, so I’m not going to be mad at myself at all if I don’t meet them. 😛

  • Read less. I know, odd goal. But I read too much for the amount of homework I have. I’d like to read no more than 25 books a month for this quarter instead of a book or two every day.
  • Buddy-read more. So I buddy-read with my friend Maddy a book series called Christy Miller, and it was super fun! I loved fangirling with her about… everything, and it’s definitely something I’d love to do more in the future. If anyone’s interested in buddy-reading a book together, let’s chat!
  • Read five historical fiction books for fun. By “for fun” I mean not for review. 🙂 Let’s be honest… I’m really not looking forward to this one. xD I kinda really dislike historical fiction most of the time, but I can’t just wallow on my contemporary fiction shell. 😛 Gotta spice it up, amiright? So, historical fiction books this quarter, and maybe science fiction or dystopia next time.
  • Knock 20 books off of my TBR list. So my TBR was at 300, and then I shortened it to 80. Now to shorten it further. 😉
  • Get more people into the Inkreaders group! Come on, y’all. It doesn’t involve any commitment at all- it’s not like read 3000 books a month or anything like that. No challenges. XD
  • Review two books once a month on this blog. Right now, I’m reviewing books about twice a week on another blog, but I’d like to bring book reviews back to life on this one (har har). xD but tell me- do YOU like book reviews? Do you like seeing them on this blog?
  • I’d love to get to a subscriber / follower milestone– 100, 125, 150, I don’t really mind. (I’m sorry, I know this is super vague xD) Right now I’m just past the 75 mark- at 78.
  • I’d love to do some more author interviews. I’ve published two collaborations so far and have a couple more lined up, and while they’re fun, they’re not really what I have in mind for this blog. I mean, I’ll still do them… just maybe like once every couple of months instead of every month-ish. I’m thinking of steering in a different direction- like doing more guest posts or author interviews.
  • Actually comment and interact on people’s blogs. Okay, I’ll admit… I’m horrible at this one. *hides* I have some dedicated followers who comment each time I post (Grace, Nicole, talking to you <3), and I LOVE YOU PEOPLE. YOU’RE THE BEST. Y’all can be my examples.
  • Post a little more consistently on my design blog. Er, yeah, about this… I’m kinda not doing so well with this goal so far. I did just post yesterday, but that post was after two? months of not posting at all. xD
  • er… exercise more. Specifically endurance runs. I’m on an Ultimate Frisbee league that requires many, many sprints during a long period of time, and I NEED THAT ENDURANCE. Which I’m lacking at the moment, might I say (if you notice a panting almost-dead girl on the field, it’s probably me). For now, I’d like to get up to 10 points for Paul’s Drill (if you know what that is xD).
  • drink more water. Okay, I’m the MOST dehydrated person on planet Earth, I’m sure. XD Seriously- I drink less than a cup of water a day. Tell me that that isn’t healthy. I’d like to boost it up to 3 cups and then slowly bring it up. Hopefully.
  • take care of dental hygiene very well. Let’s be honest… I strongly dislike this one. But I HAVE TO DO IT AND I’M DETERMINED TO DO IT.
  • play more pianofor fun. I love playing piano, but because I have a lot going on most of the time, I normally don’t play piano just for fun. Normally when I play piano, it’s to practice for an upcoming class or recital or something.

Well, those are my reading / blogging / vague life-y goals for January to March! I hope I’ll be able to knock most of them off, but if not, no biggie dealie. *shrug*

What are some of your goals? Do we have any in common? Are you interested in buddy-reading together?


23 thoughts on “Quarterly Goals, pt. 1 | Jan. – March

  1. (Ooo, now I want to see if the Inkreaders can read 3000 books this year. XD Probably not the best idea, though – we’d all end up happy but dead….)

    Great post, Lilian! There’s so many things I want to comment on in this post, but I’ll cut it down to a few so we’re not here all day:
    -You play piano? Cool! What’s your favorite piece that you’ve played?
    -I would love to buddy-read something with you! The problem is . . . I’m kind of limited to what our library has. Maybe the third book of the Ilyon Chronicles? (Have you read the second yet? I don’t remember.)
    -Thanks for the mention! <33

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    1. (Oh MY YES TOTALLYYYY xD Let’s see.. right now we have 15 people. So 3000 books divided by 15… 200 books a person. Eh. I mean, I have confidence that we can do that. But I won’t mention the idea because I don’t know if the group will favor it or not XD)

      – Yes, I play piano! I assume you do too? 😀 My favorite piece that I’ve played? Huh. I’ll send the link to you on Hangouts. 🙂
      – Ooh YES me too! I’d love to buddy the third Ilyon book! Let me first get to the second one and then we can talk about the third one. 😀
      – eee you’re welcome! ❤ Girl, we have to get to know each other better!

      Thanks for commenting!

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      1. (Haha, yeah, something tells me the idea wouldn’t go over well. XD)

        -Yeah, I do, actually! Although I pretty much only play movie soundtracks. 😄 I bet my piano teacher is sick of it now….
        -Hehe, I agree, it might be a better idea for you to read the second one BEFORE the third, instead of jumping into the third for buddy-reading purposes… XD
        -ack YESS, definitely!

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  2. Oh, buddy-reading sounds like it could be fun! 😀
    Also I am so, so sorry that I’m so inactive on the Inkreaders group– 😦 I’m used to it though, xD. And there’s the fact that Google likes to malfunction on me a lot… xD
    I hope you reach your goals! Haha, I only have around forty books on my TBR shelf… I’m pretty sure I’m like the only person in the universe who has that few books there. 😀

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    1. It is! It’s a little difficult for my buddy reader though because I read quite fast. XD Aww, no worries! Be as active as you want to be, and if you need to leave the chat because the Inkreaders are too active for you, feel free to! I’d understand. ❤
      Haha thank you, Merie! WOOHOO YOU CAN REACH 40! You go this, Merie. 🙂 Haha, not quite. A couple of my friends have ~30 and one has 35. 😀

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    1. YOU’RE SOOOO super duper SWEET, Grae, my honored random stuff sender and respectable master who keeps me in bonds. ^_^

      er, yes, 63 books… about that. XD Quite a bunch of them were short stories / rereads, so they go really fast. But yearr… it’s a lot.

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    1. Lol glad to see that, girl! XD I’m participating in a month-long challenge that works from one cup of water up to five cups. Hopefully that’ll get my water intake a lot higher. XD


  3. Wow wow, we have like v similar goals 😂 except for reading less ofc. (girl ur gonna let aria up and steal the crown you can’t do that smh) Ooh I didn’t know you played piano! *coughcough* we should set a very (very very) high number of books for the inkreaders to read by the end of the year. I’d love to buddy read a book with you! I’ll have to do it in March though, after I finish my February reading challenge. Good luck with your goals!!

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    1. Haha that’s funny that you would mention Aria! XD Now that you did mention her, maybe I shouldn’t read less. 😂 Most people online don’t know I play piano! I also play ukulele and guitar, but for now I’m focusing on le piano. 😉 Sure, that’d be fun! Let me know when’s a good time for you to buddy-read. 😀 Thanks! I hope you’ll crush your goals too!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. i woooon’t! I’ll try my very best and I’ll try not to disappoint you (if you’re rooting for me over Aria. If you’re rooting for Aria, then… GET OUT. jk XD) Same! Guitar’s so difficult and it’s real hard on my fingers, but I gotta learn it. Good luck with it!

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