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Hello friends! MY FRIEND PUBLISHED A BOOK. And I’m here to talk to her about it! Eep. I’m super excited about it, because I beta-read it and it was amazing. ❤ I can’t wait to get my hands on the actual book!

Piper Redding is a loner, but lonely. Everyone she loves has abandoned her and opening her heart to others is just asking for more pain. She can’t help but blame herself for her brother’s tragic death six years ago, and in her guilt, she shuts herself off from the world. No one could love her—not even the God who promised to be there for her but wasn’t.

For paramedic Ezra Bryant, failure is not an option. He’s had enough of it, and only by God’s grace is he able to put it behind him. But when a traumatic event brings Piper’s greatest fear and Ezra’s failures to light, can they use that event to allow God to mend their broken pieces? Can love triumph over fear, and grace over guilt?

Having read the beta version, I’ll give my thoughts on it. First off- given the cover, you might think that the whole story is centered on romance, but THAT’S NOT TRUE. Yes, there is a romance going on, but it’s very light and completely appropriate. Let me also mention that the book teaches so many good lessons and the writing style is just gorgeous. Live Without You is definitely up there on my favorites shelf along with The Coronation, The Resistance, and other favorite books of mine. 😉 GO READ IT.

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Sarah Grace Grzy is a voracious reader, and if it weren’t for this crazy thing called ‘Life,’ she’d be tempted to spend all her days in front of a wood stove, book in one hand, coffee mug in the other.

A lover of learning, she finds enjoyment in many things and has more hobbies than she knows what to do with. Sarah Grace is a freelance web and graphic designer, and when not working, spending time with her ever-growing family, or reading, she can be found painting, playing the piano, or fangirling with her sisters and friends. She inhabits the State of Great Lakes, and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else—unless it meant she could have a baby penguin, in which case, she’d gladly move to the South Pole.

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may the questions begin.

1- Hello, Sarah Grace! To start off, where did you get the idea for LWY?

There was no “light bulb moment” where all of a sudden the entire story just came to me. That did happen with the first scene of the book, but from there, it just flowed. I didn’t plan or plot, and for the most part, I had no idea what was going to happen next until I started writing. Some parts even surprised me! LOL!

2- I read somewhere that over a year ago, you didn’t think you’d be a writer (at all). How did your thinking change so drastically?

Anyone who has known me for any length of time will likely remember that I was very vocal about my non-writerly-ness. 😉 I didn’t want to write. I hated writing. I had no inspiration to write. So I just happily lived as a reader and supporter of other indie authors. But in the summer of 2017, I had the idea for a story about a young child with cancer and her imaginary friend. And it got me thinking – what if I just started writing? And so I did, and from there . . . it just happened. 🙂 It makes me laugh to look back at myself before 2017. It just shows how much God can change a person’s plans and heart!

3- Do you plan on writing / releasing more books in the future?

Honest answer? I have no idea. I have ideas for other stories, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to writing them or if I’ll publish them. I will say that there may or may not be the potential for a Live Without You sequel\spin-off featuring Tyler Collens. 😀

4- How do you overcome writer’s block?

Take a break. Take a step back mentally from the story – think about something else. I’m an artist and designer, so taking a break from writing and designing character aesthetics or something really helped as well. I think not pushing myself too hard really helped to keep the words flowing, too, even though that may sound a bit counterproductive.

5- Which character in Live Without You do you think readers will love the most? 😀

Hmmmm. Well. *smiles* The fan favorite from advanced readers thus far has been Tyler Collens. I think everyone has a best friend (or wants one!) like good ole’ Ty, so the relatability is high. 😉

6- The cover for your book is absolutely gorgeous. Where did you get the inspiration for it? 

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I actually went through several different drafts before I settled on the current version. I saw a template on Canva (great place to go for inspiration!) for a sci-fi book. The background image was of a boy in front of a greyscale starry sky with a gorgeous brusher font for the title. That was the main inspiration that I based the cover off of.

Thank you so much for interviewing me, Lilian! It was an honor! ❤ 

My pleasure, Sarah Grace! I loved interviewing you! Readers- aren’t her answers fun? I love that about a year ago she was solely an indie author supporter and reader (which is totally me- I don’t like writing, so I just read xD). Now for the giveaway!

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Grand Prize ~ $20 Amazon gift card, Signed Paperback of Live Without You, Specialty designed mug.

Second Prize ~ $5 Amazon gift card, ebook copy of Live Without You

3 – Third Prize Winners ~ Ebook copy of Live Without You

Grand prize open to US entrants only, 2nd and 3rd prizes available internationally. Giveaway runs from 12AM 1.21.19 – 12AM 2.23.19. Victoria Lynn Designs retains the right to disregard any entries that they deem bogus or spam. Good luck to the entrants!

And that’s it! I hope y’all enjoyed this fun interview- I had a blast coming up with the questions. 😉

Tell me- have you read Live Without You? If not, please do. If you have- who’s your favorite character?

p.s. this design piece ^^ is utterly ridiculous (like WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING??) but I felt… very spontaneous SO THERE.

14 thoughts on “An Author Interview with Sarah Grace | Blog Tour Ed. + Giveaway

  1. This book sounds amazing! I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Although I just spent nearly £50 on books, so may have to wait a little while…
    And the cover is just stunning 😍
    My favourite bible verse is definitely Jeremiah 29:11 –
    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. omw I can’t wait to read this book! ~flails arms characteristically~ I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book, and it sounds like a wonderful story, but even more than that…I absolutely love that God’s hand is so apparent in the making of this book!
    My favorite Bible verse/bit of encouragement would probably be Job 23:10 ~ “For he knoweth the path that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”
    (yes, I am unashamedly trying to get even more entries in the giveaway :)))

    Liked by 1 person

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