Code by Angie Thompson | Review

Hi friends! I hope y’all are doing great! School has been tough to conquer lately, but I’m finally getting the hang of a subject that I’ve been having trouble with ever since the semester started.

Today I’m sharing a review of the short story Code by Angie Thompson. I know I’ve been posting nothing but reviews lately, but bear with me through this review and one more on Wednesday, and then after that I have a couple of fun posts scheduled! Thanks for your patience. ❤

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Onto the review!

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by Angie Thompson

41068054A sinister threat. A shocking betrayal. A single rose.

Jan has poured her grief over her brother’s death into finishing his work—crippling the terrible system they’d unknowingly helped to build. But when a strange gift beckons her to seek out Kevin’s betrayer, will she find the answers she needs? Or will hate and anger shatter everything she holds dear?

A short story

Semi-finalist Indie E-Con 2018 Writing Contest, with extended and deleted scenes

taken from Goodreads


Green Tea With Books does not add in excerpts (example: “best quotes”) into reviews of short stories.


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This is such a creative book! The idea of betrayal within a family always intrigues me, so I was really excited to pick this up. And I wasn’t disappointed! The pacing was excellent for being such a short story (34 pages), and the plot was thought out well. The cover is really unique, and I love that there’s a flower on the cover, which ties into a little something in the book. I found the characters to be well-developed; I understood quickly the why behind their fears and doubts, which is always great to see in a book. 

I would have liked to see some more backstory at the beginning of the book, since I was definitely confused at first as to what was going on. As the book went on I understood what was happening though. 🙂 

the review (26).png

Looking for a short, interesting story to help tie in your Goodreads Challenge? I would definitely recommend Code! I think Angie has such high potential in writing, and I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more of her works! 4 stars.

Recommended to children 11+ years old.

*FTC DISCLOSURE: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own and a positive review was not required.*

Interested in reading Code? I certainly recommend it! 

Any questions? Feel free to comment them below.

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