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Hi everyone! Today I have an exciting announcement to make. Maddy and I are starting a monthly newsletter for Stellae Books!


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If you haven’t heard of it yet / need a refresher on what it’s about, here’s a little ad Maddy wrote:


Looking for more ways to advertise your book? Look no further! Me and my friend Lilian have been working on something special specifically for indie authors and I am so excited to be able to share it today! So without further ado I’d like to share to introduce the brand new website . . .

Stellae Books!

Stellae Books is a website with the same idea of NetGalley, but for indie books. Indie authors get to put their book(s) on the site, and readers can requests one book at a time to read and review. We do all the work with sending the books out. It’s a great place for indie authors to not only get more reviews of their books, but also to advertise them. There is small fee of $15 to have your book up and available for readers to request for the first 6 months, and $8 every 6 months after that. So only $23 if you want your book up on the website for a year. It’s 100% free for readers. 😀

I am super excited to be able to share this project that we’re been working on, and we can wait to really get this website up and running! Authors : if you’re interested in having your book on the website, please either message me on here or you can go to our website and use our contact form. We really hope everyone enjoys this new website!

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I’m really pumped about it! We plan on releasing newsletters monthly about that month’s available books and occasional special bookish goodies, so if you’re interested in that, please sign up! Signing up does not require you to be a reviewer, just so you know. 🙂

Our first newsletter releases in four days (on the first of November), so be on the lookout for that! Thanks for reading this post! If you have any questions, drop them down below or send an email to me, and I’ll address them as soon as I can!

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8 thoughts on “Newsletter Announcement! | Sign Up

  1. I think I might have already signed up???? I’m not sure….I thought I remembered one of you posting something about the newsletter on Goodreads, but I could be wrong…..

    But Stellae Books is such a good idea! Good luck!

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